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fiction by claudia6913
This community is a place for me, claudia6913, to place any and all fiction I write, be it in a fandom or something for NaNoWriMo. What follows in this community is mine, and who ever else I disclaim (for fanfiction). Please do not take, duplicate, copy, print, or upload without my express permission. Original fiction entries will be locked.
I am a fairly laid back 29 year old chick from Ohio. Currently attempting to break my way into other fandoms. My heart and pen will always be for the BtVS / AtS fandoms, where I got my start. I've been writing on and off for over 4 years now, both fanfiction and fiction alike. I enjoy reading as much as writing.
Fanfiction disclaimer: Those characters that I write about and anything pertaining to their fandom belong soley to the original author/creator unless otherwise stated as original idea from me. I seek no monitary gain from writing in their universe. All original work is mine. No duplication, reproduction, or reinterpretation of my work is permitted unless permission is garnered. The original work falls under Creative Commons License.
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